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My Three Most Amazing Finds at Las Vegas Jewelry Show!

05/03/2024 | Jacqueline Jurica

Quick! When I say "sapphire" what color comes to mind? Most will say blue. But sapphires shine in an array of colors. Sapphires that are not blue are known as fancy sapphires and they are gorgeous. And who could not use a bit more color in their life!

At the recent Las Vegas Jewelry Show I came across the most amazing selection of colored sapphires! Greens, peaches, purples, yellows and pinks. I could not resist. So I hand selected an array of beautiful colored sapphire gem stones and will be designing one-of-a-kind pieces, with the assistance of my on-site jewelers of course. Please call us if you would like to be in the loop when these creations are completed, 773-383-1336.

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